For about 20 years, Ray Keating wrote a weekly column - a short time with the New York City Tribune, more than 11 years with Newsday, another seven years with Long Island Business News, plus another year-and-a-half with As an economist, Keating also pens an assortment of analyses each week. With the Keating Files, he decided to expand his efforts with regular commentary touching on a broad range of issues, written by himself and an assortment of talented contributors and columnists. So, here goes...

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Free Enterprise in Three Minutes - What Caused the Great Depression?

NEW EPISODE OF FREE ENTERPRISE IN THREE MINUTES! Episode #16: What Caused the Great Depression?
The Great Depression is mistakenly blamed on market failure. In reality, the economy sank into and persisted in a depression due to government failure. The Great Depression was all about trade protectionism, tax increases, massive increases in government spending, and unprecedented regulation.
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