For about 20 years, Ray Keating wrote a weekly column - a short time with the New York City Tribune, more than 11 years with Newsday, another seven years with Long Island Business News, plus another year-and-a-half with As an economist, Keating also pens an assortment of analyses each week. With the Keating Files, he decided to expand his efforts with regular commentary touching on a broad range of issues, written by himself and an assortment of talented contributors and columnists. So, here goes...

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

NEW BOOK: “The Weekly Economist” Helps Readers to Think More Like an Economist

 Ray Keating’s New Book Offers Quick Reads on Wide-Ranging Topics and Questions Related to the Economy and Business

If you don’t have a degree in economics, how do you figure out what actually makes economic sense and what doesn’t? Ray Keating, a leading economist on small business and entrepreneurship, offers help with a new book titled The Weekly Economist: 52 Quick Reads to Help You Think Like an Economist.


Whether via CNBC, CNN, FOX, websites, or other outlets, many assertions regarding the economy and economic policy are presented that leave people wondering what’s accurate and what’s not. That’s especially the case when declarations by one talking head are conflicted by the next one. The Weekly Economist offers quick reads on topics essential to thinking clearly on economics, or applying sound economic principles to hot topics.


Ray Keating notes, “Yes, economics and thinking more like an economist matter. It is my hope that individuals, by taking just a few minutes for a quick read each week, can clarify their thinking on economics, and thereby, improve their own lives, and the lives of family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, as well as people across the nation and around the world."


Beyond a general readership interested in the economy, The Weekly Economist is ideal for the classroom, boardroom and workplace.


The Weekly Economist complements Ray Keating’s Free Trade Rocks: 10 Points on International Trade Everyone Should Know, which is an excellent economics introduction to the often controversial topic of free trade.


Paperbacks, hardcovers and the Kindle edition of The Weekly Economist are available at, and signed books at


Review copies, and author interviews and appearances are available upon request. 


Praise for Ray Keating’s work…


“Keating is at his best when tackling the issue that introduced him to the world of conservative thought: the benefits of the free market.”  - Kirkus Reviews


“Keating is no sour-puss conservative... Keating’s pro-growth agenda of dramatic supply-side tax and regulatory cuts, school choice, and much smaller government stands as New York’s only chance at rebirth.”  - Steve Forbes


Ray Keating's "take on the economy is unabashedly supply-side, offering a clear understanding that risk taking and entrepreneurship are the engines of economic growth.” - Jack Kemp


“Keating manages to bring this seemingly dull subject to accessible life with real-world examples often torn straight from recent headlines, along with a comprehensive and (mostly) impartial view on the topic.” – Self-Publishing Review on Free Trade Rocks!


“A common-sense explanation of why politicians and bureaucrats shouldn't throw sand in the gears of global trade.” - Dan Mitchell, Chairman, Center for Freedom and Prosperity, on Free Trade Rocks!

Friday, April 15, 2022

Pastor Stephen Grant Thrillers & Mysteries in Order!

 While you don’t have to read the Pastor Stephen Grant thrillers and mysteries in order, there is a plus to doing so. Therefore, here is the reading order of the books so far – with more to come! Enjoy! By the way, Paperback and Kindle editions are at, and signed books at

1) Warrior Monk: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel by Ray Keating


Warrior Monk revolves around a former CIA assassin, Stephen Grant, who has lived a far different, relatively quiet life as a parish pastor in recent years. However, a shooting at his church, a historic papal proposal, and threats to the pope's life mean that Grant's former and current lives collide. Grant must tap the varied skills learned as a government agent, a theologian and a pastor not only to protect the pope, but also to feel his way through a minefield of personal challenges. The second edition of Warrior Monk includes a new Introduction by Ray Keating, as well as a new Epilogue that points to an upcoming Pastor Stephen Grant novel.


2) Root of All Evil? A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel by Ray Keating


Do God, politics and money mix? In Root of All Evil?, the combination can turn out quite deadly. Keating introduced readers to Stephen Grant, a former CIA operative and current parish pastor, in the fun and highly praised Warrior Monk. Now, Grant is back in Root of All Evil? It’s a breathtaking thriller involving drug traffickers, politicians, the CIA and FBI, a shadowy foreign regime, the Church, and money. Charity, envy and greed are on display. Throughout, action runs high.


3) An Advent for Religious Liberty: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel by Ray Keating


Advent and Christmas approach. It’s supposed to be a special season for Christians. But it’s different this time in New York City. Religious liberty is under assault. The Catholic Church has been called a “hate group.” And it’s the newly elected mayor of New York City who has set off this religious and political firestorm. Some people react with prayer – others with violence and murder. Stephen Grant, former CIA operative turned pastor, faces deadly challenges during what becomes known as “An Advent for Religious Liberty.” Grant works with the cardinal who leads the Archdiocese of New York, the FBI, current friends, and former CIA colleagues to fight for religious liberty, and against dangers both spiritual and physical.


4) The River: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel by Ray Keating


Some refer to Las Vegas as Sin City. But the sins being committed in The River are not what one might typically expect. Rather, it’s about murder. Stephen Grant once used lethal skills for the Navy SEALs and the CIA. Now, years later, he’s a pastor. How does this man of action and faith react when his wife is kidnapped, a deep mystery must be untangled, and both allies and suspects from his CIA days arrive on the scene? How far can Grant go – or will he go – to save the woman he loves? Will he seek justice or revenge, and can he tell the difference any longer? 


5) Murderer’s Row: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel by Ray Keating


How do rescuing a Christian family from the clutches of Islamic terrorists, minor league baseball in New York, a string of grisly murders, sordid politics, and a pastor, who once was a Navy SEAL and CIA operative, tie together? Murderer’s Row is the fifth Pastor Stephen Grant novel, and Keating serves up fascinating characters, gripping adventure, and a tangled murder mystery, along with faith, politics, humor, and, yes, baseball.


6) Wine Into Water: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel by Ray Keating


Blood, wine, sin, justice and forgiveness… Who knew the wine business could be so sordid and violent? That’s what happens when it's infiltrated by counterfeiters.  A pastor, once a Navy SEAL and CIA operative, is pulled into action to help unravel a mystery involving fake wine, murder and revenge. Stephen Grant is called to take on evil, while staying rooted in his life as a pastor.


7) Lionhearts: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel by Ray Keating


War has arrived on American soil, with Islamic terrorists using new tactics. Few are safe, including Christians, politicians, and the media. Pastor Stephen Grant taps into his past with the Navy SEALS and the CIA to help wage a war of flesh and blood, ideas, history, and beliefs. This is about defending both the U.S. and Christianity.


8) Reagan Country: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel by Ray Keating


Could President Ronald Reagan’s influence reach into the former “evil empire”? The media refers to a businessman on the rise as “Russia’s Reagan.” Unfortunately, others seek a return to the old ways, longing for Russia’s former “greatness.” The dispute becomes deadly. Conflict stretches from the Reagan Presidential Library in California to the White House to a Russian Orthodox monastery to the Kremlin. Stephen Grant, pastor at St. Mary’s Lutheran Church on Long Island, a former Navy SEAL and onetime CIA operative, stands at the center of the tumult.


9) Heroes and Villains: A Pastor Stephen Grant Short Story by Ray Keating


As a onetime Navy SEAL, a former CIA operative and a pastor, many people call Stephen Grant a hero. At various times defending the Christian Church and the United States over the years, he has journeyed across the nation and around the world. But now Grant finds himself in an entirely unfamiliar setting – a comic book, science fiction and fantasy convention. But he still joins forces with a unique set of heroes in an attempt to foil a villainous plot against one of the all-time great comic book writers and artists.


10) Shifting Sands: A Pastor Stephen Grant Short Story by Ray Keating


Beach volleyball is about fun, sun and sand. But when a big-time tournament arrives on a pier in New York City, danger and international intrigue are added to the mix. Stephen Grant, a former Navy SEAL, onetime CIA operative, and current pastor, is on the scene with his wife, friends and former CIA colleagues. While battles on the volleyball court play out, deadly struggles between good and evil are engaged on and off the sand. 


11) Deep Rough: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel by Ray Keating


One man faces challenges as a pastor in China. His son has become a breakout phenom in the world of professional golf. The Chinese government is displeased with both, and their lives are in danger. Stephen Grant – a onetime Navy SEAL, former CIA operative and current pastor – has a history with the communist Chinese, while also claiming a pretty solid golf game. His unique experience and skills unexpectedly put him alongside old friends; at some of golf’s biggest tournaments as a caddy and bodyguard; and in the middle of an international struggle over Christian persecution, a mission of revenge, and a battle between good and evil.


12) The Traitor: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel by Ray Keating


Stephen Grant – former Navy SEAL, onetime CIA operative and current pastor – looks forward to a time of prayer and reflection during a retreat at a monastery in Europe. But when he stumbles upon an infamous CIA traitor in a small village, Grant’s plans change dramatically. While a debate rages over government secrets and the intelligence community, a deadly race for survival is underway. From a pro-democracy demonstration in Hong Kong to the CIA’s headquarters in Langley to a monastery in France, the action and intrigue never let up.


13) Vatican Shadows: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel by Ray Keating


More than 500 years ago, two men – Jan Hus and Martin Luther – tried to bring about change in the Catholic Church. They suffered, with one burned at the stake. Could a modern-day pope transform these reformers from heretics to heroes in the eyes of the Catholic Church? Shadowy figures inside and outside the Vatican oppose Pope Paul VII’s efforts, and stand willing to do anything to stop him. For help, the pope turns to Stephen Grant, a Lutheran pastor, former Navy SEAL and onetime CIA operative.


14) Past Lives: A Pastor Stephen Grant Short Story by Ray Keating


Torn from pages of his own journal, Pastor Stephen Grant tells about threats, murder and puzzling people from his past. It’s a compelling mystery involving action, unexpected turns, lost innocence, sought-after perspective, and twisted revenge. This is the first Pastor Stephen Grant story told from Grant’s own viewpoint, unfolding each day in the pages of his journal.



15) What’s Lost? A Pastor Stephen Grant Short Story by Ray Keating


From the pages of his own journal, Pastor Stephen Grant tells a riveting mystery involving deception, betrayal, sacrifice and friendship, along with plenty of action and questions about what we truly can know about others. Grant takes us on a personal journey across decades and around the world, from Long Island to Vietnam. This is the second Pastor Stephen Grant story told from Grant’s own viewpoint, unfolding each day in the pages of his journal.


Paperback and Kindle editions are at, and signed books at


Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Easter Sale on Ray Keating's Books


Easter Sale at! Save 15% on Signed Editions of Ray Keating’s Books! 

Save on any or all of the Pastor Stephen Grant thrillers and mysteries. Save on pre-ordering Ray’s new novel Cathedral: An Alliance of Saint Michael Novel. Save on Ray’s books on the economy and business, including pre-ordering The Weekly Economist: 52 Quick Reads to Help You Think Like an Economist. Save on everything! 

Use coupon code “Easter15” at checkout. Sale ends on April 19th! Go to

Monday, April 4, 2022

From Ray Keating - Pastor Stephen Grant Novels and a New Series

Ray Keating is the author of fifteen Pastor Stephen Grant thrillers and mysteries, and the first novel in a new series is on the way!


First, consider starting or catching up on Ray Keating’s Pastor Stephen Grant thrillers and mysteries

Stephen Grant, pastor at St. Mary’s Lutheran Church on Long Island, former Navy SEAL and onetime CIA operative, came on the thriller/mystery scene in Warrior Monk: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel. During 15 books in the series so far, readers come to see that Grant didn’t fully leave his old life behind. He often must wrestle with how his current work as a pastor intersects with his former life with the CIA. With a wide-ranging group of recurring characters – from his days with the Agency to his parish work – the reader is treated to action, suspense, humor, various relationships, faith, love, adventure, mystery, and opportunities for reflection and discussion.


About Keating and his Pastor Stephen Grant thrillers and mysteries, Kirkus Reviews simply says “exhilarating.” Lutheran Book Review says, “I miss Tom Clancy. Keating fills that void for me.” The retired host of KFUO radio’s BookTalk declares, “Ray Keating is a great novelist.” David Keene of The Washington Times calls these novels “great reads.”  And another reviewer observes, “How I'd love to see Pastor Grant on Netflix!” 


In an article titled “If James Bond Became a Pastor” covering Ray Keating’s Pastor Stephen Grant thrillers/mysteries series, author and columnist Gene Veith noted, “Mr. Keating knows how to tell an exciting story. And these books, like the James Bond novels, are ridiculously entertaining.”


By the way, signed books are at


Second, please consider pre-ordering Ray’s new novel – CATHEDRAL: AN ALLIANCE OF SAINT MICHAEL NOVEL.

Yes, CATHEDRAL is Ray Keating’s sixteenth work of fiction, and the first in the Alliance of Saint Michael series. 


The Alliance of Saint Michael brings together men and women with varied backgrounds and talents to work covertly against the two most significant threats to Christianity and civilization at the dawn of the 1930s - communism and fascism.


In Moscow, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour is going to be obliterated to make way for the Palace of the Soviets. The Alliance of St. Michael readies itself for its first mission – find and salvage a rare item of great significance from the cathedral before the building is lost.

By the way, signed books are at