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Friday, August 12, 2022

CATHEDRAL - Page-Turning Historical Fiction Set in the Early 1930s

 CATHEDRAL: AN ALLIANCE OF SAINT MICHAEL NOVEL is Ray Keating’s sixteenth work of fiction, and the first in the Alliance of Saint Michael series. Purchase at  


The Alliance of Saint Michael brings together men and women with varied backgrounds and talents to work covertly against the two most significant threats to Christianity and civilization at the dawn of the 1930s - communism and fascism.


In Moscow, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour is going to be obliterated to make way for the Palace of the Soviets. The Alliance of St. Michael readies itself for its first mission – find and salvage a rare item of great significance from the cathedral before the building is lost.




"A stellar depiction of time period and tension. With so many swirling motives and three-dimensional characters in the mix, there is inherent tension for readers, as they eagerly anticipate one of Keating’s classic twists. The depth of historical detail is notable; a good deal of research went into the crafting of this novel, which gives it an authentic and immersive feel. The complex puzzle makes for a page-turning and unpredictable ride, and a firm foundation for Keating’s enticing new series."  - Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★


“…many of you will enjoy Cathedral and the new series that it launches… Ray Keating is working with an explicitly Christian moral and theological framework, demonstrating the freedom that Lutheran novelists have in their vocation.”  -  Gene Veith, Cranach: The Blog of Veith, and author of many books including The Spirituality of the Cross


“A sophisticatedly crafted and exhilarating read, the intrigue and thrills begin from the very first page and don’t stop till the end as Keating delivers an absolute corker of a Historical Thriller! … Cathedral proves an addictively entertaining five-star read and is unreservedly recommended.”  - BookViral Reviews


“This new Alliance of St. Michael series continues Keating's already demonstrated mastery and skill in writing, character development, and accelerating the interest level of the reader throughout… As with all Keating novels, this newest venture is worth your interest, reading and gifting.”  - Pastor Rod Zwonitzer, retired host of KFUO radio's “BookTalk”


“A Catholic, a Lutheran, and an Anglican walk into an auditorium, all surprisingly ready for action and adventure. Ray Keating’s newest series, ‘An Alliance of Saint Michael,’ is an action thriller starring various Christians, of various denominations, coming together to fight ideological evil… a good summer read, quite in line with Keating’s other works.”  - Mary J. Moerbe, “Meet, Write & Salutary” blog

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