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Friday, October 29, 2021

“The Lutheran Planner 2022: The TO DO List Solution” Helps With Getting Organized, While Keeping Proper Perspective

 Daily Reflections from Holy Scripture and Christian Thinkers Provide Encouragement, Inspiration and Consolation from the Christian Faith

We all need to get things done each day, and plan our coming week, month or year. At the same time, each of us needs to keep such matters in proper perspective. The Lutheran Planner 2022: The To Do List Solution is meant to be a tool in this ongoing endeavor. And, no, you don't have to be a Lutheran to use this planner!


Get organized and set goals using Ray Keating’s TO DO List Solution, while enjoying and reflecting upon quotes from Holy Scripture, Church fathers, and other Christian thinkers. In addition, feasts, festivals and commemorations throughout the Church year are marked.


The Lutheran Planner 2022: The To Do List Solution combines a simple, powerful system for getting things done – using monthly, weekly and daily to-do lists – with encouragement, inspiration and consolation from the Christian faith. 


The Lutheran Planner 2022: The To Do List Solution comes with a handy spiral binding for easy use, and is available at


Ray Keating, who also is the author of the Pastor Stephen Grant thrillers and mysteries, explains: “We all seem to be busy these days no matter what happens to be our calling or vocation in life. As a Christian – of the Lutheran variety – I try to stay on track with daily devotional readings and prayer. Unfortunately, I often falter along the way. The various quotes each day in this planner help, giving me pause for further reflection.”


Keating adds, “Using ‘The TO DO List Solution’ also provides benefits by requiring reflection on goals; prioritization; being more realistic about time management; and serious thought on how to best get things done.”


The Lutheran Planner 2022: The TO DO List Solution is one of two TO DO List Solution 2022 planners from Ray Keating. The other is The Disney Planner 2022: The TO DO List Solution.


Review copies, and author interviews and appearances are available upon request. 


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